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New Product Announcement: ArgenMODEL Pro™

As a leading dental lab supplier and manufacturer, Argen relies extensively on 3D resin. Our dedication to quality has driven us to develop ArgenMODEL Pro™ Resins, designed to enhance productivity while maintaining precision. ArgenMODEL Pro™ delivers fast and accurate results for dental models, including removable, crown & bridge, and orthodontic models. We've meticulously engineered ArgenMODEL Pro™ to optimize color shading, printing speed, and accuracy. It comes in two carefully selected colors, Neutral Grey and Sandstone, which seamlessly complement crowns, preserving their natural appearance while delivering impeccable model accuracy. ArgenMODEL Pro™ is compatible with multiple DLP printers and is available in 1kg bottles. https://argen.com/store/products/36970#/

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Introducing Tetric EvoCeram Aligner 

Tetric EvoCeram Aligner from Ivoclar is a sculptable, fluorescent composite specially formulated for creating strong, durable composite attachments to support complex clear orthodontic aligner therapy.  Optimized chemistry of the composite makes it easily visible under UV light for precise initial placement and easy removal post therapy. The 76% filler content by weight of Tetric EvoCeram Aligner creates long-lasting solutions that are stable and abrasion resistant for the duration of the aligner treatment process. To support patients’ demands for minimal visibility and dentists needs to keep inventory at minimum, Tetric EvoCeram Aligner is available in a single universal T shade that exhibits high 15% translucency to ensure attachments blend with surrounding tooth structure. Also suitable for the fixation of lingual retainers, Tetric EvoCeram Aligner comes in a 3-gram syringe and .20g cavifil deliveries.

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Friday, May 24, 2024 10:10 AM

Visionary partnership – Together, Ivoclar and exocad pave the way into the world of digital dental prosthetics

Ivoclar offers with its Ivotion Denture System a solution that is perceived industry-wide synonymously with the fast and efficient fabrication of esthetic removable, customized prostheses. The Ivotion Denture System enables a simple, efficient and fully digital manufacturing process for high-quality dentures – in particular with the integration of the Ivotion Denture add-on module in exocad’s DentalCAD software. The long-standing collaboration between Ivoclar and exocad enables users to realize an efficient manufacturing process for the digital fabrication of high-quality, removable dentures. The exocad DentalCAD software reliably supports Ivoclar's entire digital production process: from scanning and design to fabrication. Together, Ivoclar and exocad set new standards in digitalization of complete prosthetics. 

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Friday, May 24, 2024 10:09 AM

 Upcoming Ivoclar Educational Opportunities

Topic: Predictable Esthetics with IPS e.max Lithium Disilicate
Dates: September 20, 2024
Instructor: Mr. Jeff Smith
Overview: Learn how to predictably achieve high-end esthetic restorations using IPS e.max!
Registration Link: https://www.ivoclar.com/en_us/course/predictable-esthetics-with-ips-e.max-lithium-disilicate/184200

Topic: Ivotion Digital Dentures from Start to Finish
Dates: September 26-27, 2024
Instructor: Mr. Paul Imperius and Mr. Luke LaRocque-Walker
Overview: Dive into the future of dental prosthetics as we guide you through the entire process, from 3D scanning to computer-aided design (CAD) and advanced manufacturing techniques utilizing Ivoclar‘s Ivotion system.
Our intensive program is designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge required to seamlessly integrate digital workflows into your practice.
Registration Link: https://www.ivoclar.com/en_us/course/ivotion-digital-dentures-from-start-to-finish/188648

Topic: Maximizing Anterior Restorations
Dates: November 1, 2024
Instructor: Mr. Gary Osborn
Overview: Maximize the esthetics of lithium disilicate to achieve natural looking anterior restorations!
Registration Link: https://www.ivoclar.com/en_us/course/maximizing-anterior-restorations/184190

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Friday, May 24, 2024 10:08 AM

Henry Schein Extends Partnership with Special Olympics Through 2025

Henry Schein, Inc. announced that it has extended through 2025 its existing partnership with Special Olympics to support health screening and education for its athletes at select events around the world. Through this partnership, Henry Schein donates essential oral health and medical care products for the Special Olympics Healthy Athletes® program in Australia, Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The goal of the Healthy Athletes program is to support the physical and social-emotional well-being of people with intellectual disabilities (ID) and to reduce health disparities and increase life expectancy. Henry Schein’s donations are used during screenings in seven Healthy Athletes disciplines: Fit Feet (podiatry); FUNfitness (physical therapy); Health Promotion (better health and well-being); MedFest (sports physical exam); Strong Minds (emotional well-being); Healthy Young Athletes (pediatric screening); and Special Smiles (oral health). 

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